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Covid 19 Notice

During this uncertain time Gina Paris Design is dedicated to delivering the highest level of virtual interior design services that are important to you. COVID-19 has had an impact on the interior design/decorating industry, from temporary closures, delays and cancellations. At this time, Gina Paris Design is offering limited interior design services in order to mitigate multiple redesigns due to product unavailability and/or extended delays. Please contact Gina for more information on available virtual design services.



Mood Boards – Concept


(note: included in Full Service and Room Refresh e-Design packages)


 Digital concept and mood boards, containing home decor products, are created to give you a visual of your project to show you how all the different elements relate to one another and give you a sense of the overall design “feeling” (hence the word “mood”).

An initial concept board is a great visual aide to help you determine if you like the way the design of your space is progressing. After viewing the initial concept board, you will be able to communicate your likes and dislikes with me.

Revisions will be made and a final mood board will be agreed upon. To be clear, concept and mood boards are basically the same thing except a concept board may presented at the onset of your design project while a mood board may be presented as a final design board. Our Full Service eDesign and Room Refresh eDesign packages include a concept board and a final mood board.




Furniture Layout – Floor Plan

(a la carté)

(note: included in Full Service and Room Refresh eDesign packages)

Did you know that getting furniture placement right is more important than getting color right? Where you place your furniture can make or break the flow and function of your space. My furniture layouts take the guess work out where to place your furnishings either before you buy new pieces or using what you already own while adding something new.

I create furniture layouts utilizing the measurements that you provide, so each layout is custom designed for your space. With the right spaces and furnishings, may be able to provide you with 1-3 different furniture arrangements for your room. Furniture layouts may be purchased a la carté, and are included in our Full Service and Room Refresh eDesign packages.

e – Design


e-Design Hotline

via Text or Email

(a la carté)

I can’t tell you how many DIYers just want to pick a designer’s brain to ensure they don’t make a mistake or choose the wrong paint color, counter top, paint finish, or whatever. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to reach out to an interior designer right when you’re in the middle of a project or just before you begin a new project?

eDesign Hotline is essentially an interior designer—me, Gina—on call to answer all of your decorating and design questions about the rooms that are important to you when you need it. My eDesign Hotline utilizes the latest technology available and I am accessible via text and/or email during my weekday business hours or by appointment.

You’ll receive the opportunity to ask 3-5 design questions per week depending on the complexity of the questions. Get answers to multiple design and decorating projects in multiple spaces in your home—it’s all open for discussion in eDesign Hotline. eDesign Hotline is offered as an a la carté service.



Shopping List


(note: included in Full Service, Room Refresh, and Finishes & Surfaces e-Design packages)

Once a room has been designed online, it’s important for you to know the products going into your room, how much they cost and where to purchase these items. I will create a personal home decor shopping list just for you. Your shopping list may include such information as: product name/number, cost, vendor information, dimensions, clickable links, pictures, etc. Your shopping list will make it easy for to shop your design—at your convenience—from home. Shopping lists are included in our Full Service, Room Refresh, and Surfaces package. Gina Paris eDesign also offers ordering for Trade products.


Pinterest Board



Pinterest Board Collaboration


eDeisgn is executed all online, and one of the best ways for us to collaborate is through Pinterest. Who doesn’t like Pinterest? It’s addictive, isn’t it? So it makes sense to use Pinterest for our eDesign purposes. A private Pinterest board will be created just for you and I to share what we find online and photos that we upload.

You’ll be able to comment on products in your private Pinterest board so I know what your likes and dislikes are. Once a design is finalized, you’ll be able to access your private Pinterest board for convenient and easy online shopping. A Private Pinterest Board is included in most of our e-Design packages and where applicable.

e – Design

Fit & Finish

e-Design Fit & Finish


I’ve found a lot of clients don’t require full service design, they just need help with selecting the Fit & Finishes such as faucets, countertops, cabinet styles, flooring, and/or other materials. eDesign Fit & Finish selection is virtual consulting. You’ll send me  information and photos of your space; and I’ll take a look at what you’re keeping and what you’d like to achieve to find the perfect surface(s) for your project.

You may pass the product specifications along to your contractor or DIY. This isn’t custom design work, this process is picking and choosing products and materials that are available online or at your local big box stores or surface showrooms that work together with the items that you’re keeping. Contact me if you want a custom back splash design that fits your kitchen.

e – Color


e-Color Consultation


Did you know the #1 mistake people make with color is in saturation? I can help you achieve the correct color palette for your room. Traditionally I’ve gone into homes to consult on color palettes, but technology has now made it possible for me to be in your home remotely through a variety of video chat services.

An eColor Consultation takes advantage of the latest technology giving you access to me—a certified color consultant with a natural eye for color harmonies. eColor consultations take the guess work out of selecting paint colors for your home so you end up with a “feel good” room that is cohesive instead of a room that you just can’t quite figure out what is wrong.

During a 45 minute video chat I’ll give you a two minute color test (I won’t let you fail), explore your room and how you want to feel, and create at least one color palette, with up to four colors, for your space based on your existing furniture, trim, artwork or whatever you want to work from.

To save you the hassle of painting samples on your walls, I’ll ship you 8 1/2” x 11” Sherwin Williams color sample sheets to tape on your walls just to be certain you love the colors we’ve chosen together. And, I’ll provide you with color support during your paint project.



Virtual Consultation

(add on)

Does Interior eDesign feel a little too impersonal to you? Do you want to know if your Virtual Interior Designer is good fit for you? Add a Virtual Design Consultation to your eDesign package for one-on-one time (via video chat) with Gina Paris to discuss your interior design dilemma, likes and dislikes, and what you want to achieve in your home. You can even show Gina around your room to really give her a sense of who you are, how you live, and what you’d like to change and why.



3D Rendering

(add on)

Mood boards are great at conveying the way an eDesign will look and feel, but it can’t show you how a room will look, flow and function. That’s where 3D renderings come into play. I take all your measurements and “pop” them up into a 3D version of your space.

A 3D rendering virtually brings your room to life so you can see what it will look like with the design products installed in your home. 3D renderings aren’t perfect, but they may save you time and money in the long run. 3D renderings can be added as an option to the Room Refresh package.

e-Design Project Spotlight

Virtual Interior Design is a collaborative effort between client and Virtual Interior Decorator. The Virtual Interior Designer (that’s me–Gina) works with clients remotely to create the home of their dreams one room at a time. In eDesign, the client assists the Virtual Designer by doing the heavy lifting–measuring, photography, purchasing, design implementation, etc.; while the eDesigner uses the information the client provides to design their space. After a design is finalized, it’s up to the homeowner to execute the design at their own pace and discretion.

The Design Project Spot Light showcases a design project where the homeowner has excelled at using Gina Paris’ eDesign as a guide to achieve their interior decorating or design goals. The spot light shines on this master bathroom renovation. This is not the typical remote decorating project–a steam shower was relocated making this a custom design, but it is a great example of what can be accomplished working remotely with the right Virtual Interior Designer. Using her eDesign Concept Board* and Shopping List this homeowner worked with her contractor to bring her fantasy bathroom to life. Armed with her options, she made design choices as the project progressed and it turned out beautifully and in record time!

“Beautiful…and done!!!”
by Happy Client

*This client also added additional phone time with Gina to her project.

e – Design Custom

Sometimes “one size fits all” does not fit you;

for that very reason we at Gina Paris Design are here to custom tailor an eDesign package for your project. And if you have multiple rooms, we’ll even give you a discount. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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Does eDesign fall short of your project goals? Or Do you want a custom design for your room that is more complicated than Virtual Design can handle? Maybe you'd prefer high touch design services? Whatever it is that Gina Paris eDesign doesn't offer that you're looking for...Gina Paris Design may be exactly what you're looking for. Check out for full service interior design, custom design projects, window treatments and portfolio.

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